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Update 1003675 -> 1003684

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Feb 23, 2010
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Changes for Testing
  • Temporary set the evaulation time for the player ladder to each day at 12 o clock. Easier to test the ladder.
  • Pilot ladder will have a different structure as the live system (less divisions and sizes)
  • Change timing so that a CQ match is every 4 hours starting from 15:00 onwards
  • Allow clan creation
  • Allow Pirate Mode activation

Changelog Update 1003675 -> 1003683:

Ladder System Adjustments
To improve the ladder behavior and move it slowly out of beta we need to adjust and fix a few things.

Clan Ladder & Hall of Fame changes
To properly start into the new CQ the ladder ranking should as well start fresh but with adjustments.
  • Reset Hall of fame & ladder and store old golden skulls in the clan window statistics panel at the same place as the wins are stored. (as text form)
    • Old Conquest System Statistics:
      • Golden Skulls: XX
      • CQ Wins: XX
  • Change the ladder structure
    • Set evaluation period to a monthly basis
    • Reduce divisions and keep only one (Entry division)
      • Will be cleared after each evaluation
    • Set that the the top 3 will get golden skulls as reward
  • Remove deleted clans in the hall of fame when the CQ update is deployed

Ladder Division System Changes
The division system has a few issues that cause it to break that needs to be changed to work more flexible and dynamic
  • Clans or pilots that did not have generated warscore when the ladder is evaluated:
    • they will relegate to the division below.
    • they are not allowed promote to the upper division or do not get skulls
  • In addition the promotion slots will be dynamic based on how many slots are free in the upper division.
    • The fixed delegation and promotion slots remain present. (They are used as a minimum)
  • Added that the user can directly see if he would be promoted or relegated from the current situation before the evaluation

Pilot Hall of Fame changes
To highlight the best players better we change the hall of fame presentation
  • Add one hall of fame per type (Achievements & Skulls) that can be selected by the user in the combobox
Ladder Fixes
  • Fixed that the ladders are automatically cleared out by invalid entries (eg. deleted clans, deleted pilots etc.):
    • Hall of fame on a daily basis
    • Regular Ladders (divisions) on evaluation
  • Fixed several backend code for the ladder & hall of fame towards a more stable and less beta experience.
  • Fixed many UI related issues and usuability.
  • Further improved "my position button" handling in the ladder so that in the hall of fame this depeneds on the selected ladder type (medals, achievements)

Clan Cryonite Threshold
  • Introduce a max cap ( 2x jumpship price) that a clan can accept donations from members into the clan fund.
  • If the clan has more cryonite than the cap a donation would not be allowed
  • Payouts to members would only be possible by the amount that is over the cap (only cryonite rewarded by conquest)
  • Cryonite payout will be possible after 14 days when a player joins or creates a “new” clan that does not match the previous one. After that timer the regular weekly schedule will continue starting on monday at 0:00
  • Cryonite donation can stay at 1:1 ratio and no prices will increase.

Conquest Gameplay Changes

  • Adjust that when a player is destroyed he will always drop unrefined ore that he collected
  • Reduce Conquest Ship HP by 30%
  • Increase Collector speed of the conquest ship to be 3 times faster as regular players for unrefined ores
  • Increase the Graviton cooldown from 30 min to 45 in competitive modes
  • Remove 5 seconds landing protection for on planet rescues but keep the 30 sec protection for LZ rescue
  • Adjust instant materialization cooldown to be 5 minutes on CQ planets and an engineer rescue will not reset it. So effectively a insta mat can be used ~9 times per match
  • After a Conquest match starts the players have a 90 seconds time window to be able to land on the planet. If they do not land in the given time window they are not allowed to participate.

Other unsorted fixes and changes

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