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Update 1003666 -> 1003673


Splitscreen Studios
Feb 23, 2010
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Update 1003666 -> 1003673
  • Latest Fixes and Additions from the Live version
  • Conquest Ship Adjustments
    • CQ ship hp reduced by ~20%
    • CQ ship afterburner reduced by ~ 25%
    • CQ ship blaster damage reduced to be about 6 shots in vega and 4 shots in sirius to kill regular ships
  • Conquest Spectator mode
    • Fixed that a player that was part of the clan playing the match could spectate regardless of the set spectator accountlevel.
    • Fixed that hidden players where kept locked in the conquest planet zone on leaving. (https://forum.pirategalaxy.com/threads/cloned-player-on-planet-and-stuck-cq-ship.35992/)
    • Improved that it is possible to spectate without the required techlevel for the planet
    • Fixed that mouse double clicks and serverside checks prevent using items or gravitons
  • Fixed that the Materializer item was still running even when the engineer was destroyed
  • Added that the CQ planets are scheduled randomly when initialy queued. (Note: Planets will change order based on which phase they end. If all conquest phases run normally the initial queue the order will remain unchanged.)
  • Improvements to Conquest map ore site marker visibility on light/dark backgrounds
  • Members can not be removed from the clan if they are involved in a conquest. A clan admiral is always involved after the clan was selected for the match. Other members only if they are part of the team for the match.
  • Fixed Ancient stundome items showing afterburner description text in shop
  • Adjusted global cooldown Timeformat for RescuePanel / RescueConquestPanel to show minutes & seconds correctly
  • Fixed that the HP bar stays visible when the shield is active on the new namepanel HP display
  • Fixed that the shield bar does not vanish anymore when another item is triggered even when the shield/protector is still active.
  • Changes to Conquest help window text
  • Migrated the Timer code from the CQ branch to be used for the new booster time extension feature.
  • Fixed duplication issue that happens on several occasions. (Duplicate ship purchases etc.)
  • Improved Enlist Phase UI element to fix the issue with the scrollbars and to dynamically enable/disable the enlist button.
  • Improved Conquest Phase UI element so that the players in the list are sorted by the collected ore on top and when the collected ore is the same they remain at the position as enlisted.
  • Added that the ship icon is correctly updated on the conquest phase for players not yet landed and switching ships.