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Something Something about (re-newing) Boosters

Should days be added to an existing Booster if we rebuy it manually?

  • I always wondered why PG not has such an Mechanic so yes please add it

    Votes: 10 90.9%
  • I don´t really care if it is there or not cus i use the Auto-Renewal for my 5% discount

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Feb 24, 2010
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After some longer time of not suggesting anything today in the chat something came up that for some reason seems never to have been addressed for some reason.

The thing is the current Situation with Boosters and the way they can be renewed.

The Situation:
At the moment Boosters can either be just replaced by another booster and the timer will be reset to either 3 hours or 30 days. The only exception is if you have an active 30 day Booster it will be "paused" if you activate a 3 hour booster and when the 3 hour booster ends the 30 Booster continues where it has been paused.

But then there is another Situation that you have an active 30/90/180 day Booster and a Sale is around the Corner (Black Friday in this case) and you notice that your current Booster still has a bunch of days left so that your Booster will end AFTER the Sale did end and you can not enjoy the discount in this moment.

In theory you can replace your current Booster with the smallest one for lowest costs and then replace this one directly again with the one you wanted to "renew" for the discounted price and in the end waste your gold over this way.

Sure we have an Discount of 5% if we set the auto renewal option but this is still less saved as we could receive a booster during a Sale.

The Idea:
I would suggest here that we can renew the same Booster manually and simply pay the price it costs at the given time. The 5% renewal Discount could still exist so that during no discount times we still can safe a bit of Gold outside of discounts.

To give an actuall example i have currently the (180) Ult MS running and it will have 31-29 days left when Black Friday is happening. This means i would have to see how much discount the Ult MS will have and how much the Enhanced MS to see if i would benefit from replacing it just to get the Ult MS with 180 days again.

If it would not save anything i would pay the full price around 1 month later if not another discount is around or have to wait until an Discount is happening again. If we would have the option to "re-buy" the same Booster again (180 day Ult MS in my case) it should simply add the 180 days to the remaining time (31 if rebuyed at the day of the Discount) so that the time just is extended but not lost

This would of course not work if you completly replace your booster with another one like for example you have the Enhanced Booster and wanna upgrade it to the Elite Booster. In this case the whole time will be replaced with the new Booster and it will prevent something like buy several times the smallest booster to have x days and then just buy the top booster for the duration.

The other way around aka downgrading your booster will not replace it completly but will add the remaining time of the current higher booster even when it would make no sense to replace a higher booster with a lower one imo.

Only exception here should (maybe) be the Ult and Super MS because in their Core they have the same effect and the difference is just the reduced E-Usage for self-mat. Here i see no real issue cus the Super MS would only make sense to buy/use during a sale so that it may end on the price for the Ult MS.

The Final Thought:
In order to prevent an eventuall "lifetime charging" of the boosters it should give an absolute limit of how many days you can have for each booster and i would say that for the regular Boosters the Limit should be 60 days and for the Memberships it should be 210. Over this way it can be prevented that Pilots simply buy 10x the same booster to have 300 days of Booster X or years of MS cus it would destroy the economy for Split as regular income so that even when a booster just has been renewed you will not waste any days when a sale is happening.

Regards - Vesp


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Mar 20, 2012
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Will you make an update for that or not? If yes, do you plan it for this sale or you need more time to implement this?