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March 28: Galactic Easter Bunnies Return!


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May 28, 2013
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Stop the Invasion of Galactic Easter Bunnies!

Planets from Vega to Tau Ceti will be invaded, and it looks like a few of the evil bunnies even crossed the gate to the Oort system! Only Sirius is spared this time. Fight the invasion of Galactic Easter Bunnies and get rare blueprints as a reward!

Collect Rare & Sirius Item Blueprints

Mizar Maneuver Damage Inverter | Sol Shifter DI | Draconis Deviant DI
Sirius Ancient Damage Inverter | Sirius Ancient Strong DI | Sirius Ancient Long DI
Mizar Manifold Allies Cover | Sol Sheath AC | Draconis Defiant AC
Sirius Ancient Allies Cover | Sirius Ancient Strong AC | Sirius Ancient Long AC
Mizar Manticore Lightning Chain | Sol Shatterer LC | Draconis Discharge LC
Sirius Ancient Lightning Chain | Sirius Ancient Strong LC | Sirius Ancient Rapid LC
Mizar Molasses Magnet Trap | Sol Syrup MT | Draconis Doom MT
Sirius Ancient Magnet Trap | Sirius Ancient Strong MT | Sirius Ancient Rapid MT

Collect Blueprints For These Eight Rare Spaceships

Vega — SC-SSX Overseer | Antares — STAM SA-X Heavy Armor | Gemini — STAM SG-X Fusion Storm
Mizar — STAM SM-X Fusion Armor | Sol — STAM SS-X Thunder Shock | Draconis — META-SDX Engineer
Tau Ceti — Fenix Shock | Oort — STAM SS-X Krygar Armor

The Galactic Easter Event – Everything You Need to Know

  • The “Galactic Easter Event” begins on Thursday, March 28, 2 PM local server time.*
  • The event runs until Sunday, April 14, 11:59 PM local server time.**
  • Global Boosters will be running throughout the event:
    • Blueprint droprate+ (133% blueprint drop chance from enemies)
    • Energy+ (150% energy from orbs)
  • Also, there will be special Anniversary Sales during the event to celebrate 15 Years of Pirate Galaxy! Click here for more information!

* US Server Time Zone: EDT | EU Server Time Zone: CET
** US Server Time Zone: EDT | EU Server Time Zone: CEST

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