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Game Update October 17, 2023 (QoL Updates etc.)


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Feb 23, 2010
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Game Update October 17, 2023

Around 8:00 AM UTC+2, game servers will restart for a game update to be deployed.

Event Preparations
Changes to Speed Boosters in Pirate Mode
  • Speed Boosters now remain active even when Pirate Mode is activated.
    • A running Speed Booster gets deactivated for the player that performs an offensive PvP action.
    • A deactivated Speed Booster is re-enabled 2 minutes after the player last performed an offensive PvP action.
Changes to Colossus Battle Event Scheduling
  • Added a proper tech rotation queue to ensure all system techs will come up properly in time.
  • Next Colossus battle event information is now shown 5 minutes after the last battle event has ended.
Order-Into-Chaos Changes
  • In the hangar, the drones you own are now sorted first by name, then by level.
  • During shop promotions, items are now sorted first by item category, then price, then name.
  • Sorting streamlined in the item store. Most noticable on the Drones tab which was not properly sorted before.
Other Changes
  • The hit point and velocity bonuses of Parsec ships have been increased from 20% to 25%, bringing Parsecs in line with RavenDynamics ships.
  • Fixed a bug to make sure that spaceships are protected from damage and not attackable when in transition between zones. (Resulting in Pods in Orbit)
  • Fixed Ancient Allies Cover items not being marked as "Ancient" items and thus using the wrong color scheme for their icons.
  • Reworded a few texts where star systems' stargate names had been shortened to "[system name] gate".
  • increased HP of Bobcat by 10% & speed dropped by 4%, which was overdue since raven event in february.
  • increased HP of Flying Fox by 10% & speed dropped by 4%, which was overdue since raven event in february.
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