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Game Update June 12, 2024


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Feb 23, 2010
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Game Update June 12, 2024

Around 8:45 AM UTC+2, game servers will restart for a game update to be deployed.

Event Preparations
Drone-related Changes
  • Drones that increase hit chance or critical hit chance now also work in PvP.
  • The attributes of some dual-attribute drones have been adjusted to achieve a better balance:

    Attribute effectSingular attribute dronesDual attribute drones
    armor increase15%10%
    critical hit chance increase30%20%
    cryonite collection bonus10%
    damage increase15%10%
    blueprint drop chance increase15%10%
    hit chance increase24%16%
    range increase15%10%
    flying speed increase15%10%
    energy collection bonus25%
    item cooldown decrease7.5%5%
    energy cap increase25%
  • Improved distance filtering on Conquest planets with increased visibility range and faster visibility checks.
  • The shop window's performance was optimized to better handle large numbers of promoted items.
  • Fixed that the join date is properly read from the avatar creation date in the player profile (some pilots had an incorrect date displayed due to a bug).
    • Pilots that were affected by the incorrect join date bug may also see an incorrect playing time in their player profile. Unfortunately, this incorrect playing time cannot be fixed.