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Game Update January 23, 2024


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May 28, 2013
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Game Update January 23, 2024

Around 8:30 AM UTC+1, game servers will restart for a game update to be deployed.

Client Performance
  • Sped up model recreation to properly cache model templates (reducing CPU overhead).
  • Performance and memory improvement on the task scheduler to prevent the client from freezing due to running out of memory.
  • Reduced memory and CPU cycles if ingame sound is disabled.
Chat System Changes
  • Chat messages can now stay visible for up to 30 minutes (old timeout: 15 minutes).
  • Fixed a long-standing issue that caused chat messages to not appear in another zone's chat if that zone had not yet been initiated by the time the message was posted.
Reworked Networking Internals
  • Made structural changes to internal networking routines with the aim of improving the game's overall stability & reliability.
  • Fixed a bug in the network protocol decoder that could occur when the required data was not yet available. This could prevent network data packages from being received properly on a slow connection.
Other Changes & Fixes
  • The timers in the warning messages that are displayed before the collapse of planets in the Sirius singularity now show correct values.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the tech queue for Colossus Battles to not properly clear when the last entry was fetched, resulting in a number of successive Battles with the same tech.
    • A new Battle schedule will be issued shortly after the game update is deployed.
  • Restored November 7 OTB Conquest updates.
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