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Game Update August 18, 2021


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May 28, 2013
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Game Update August 18, 2021

Between 8:30 AM and 9:30 AM UTC+2, the game servers will restart for a game update to be deployed.

Improved Drone Attribute Descriptions
  • Drone attributes are now being displayed in a more consistent form throughout the shop, the drone setup window, and the hangar.
    • The short form used in the hangar's configurations tab only shows the drone's effects on its current level.
    • The appended form used in the shop only shows the drone's effects for its maximum level.
    • The detailed list form used in the drone setup window shows both the drone's effects on its current level, as well as on the drone's maximum possible level.

Chat Color Changes
  • Changed the text color used by community managers (CMs) in chat to a gold-ish hue, because the blue hue used until now was colliding with the newly-introduced external link highlight color.
  • Slightly changed the green hue of game masters' (GMs) text color in chat, so that people with impaired color vision can better differentiate it from the text color now used by CMs.

Shop Color Changes
  • Some text and icon colors have been adjusted to make the overall look more consistent.
    • The "Promotions" tab is now using the same green hue that promoted items were using already.
    • The small "cog" icon next to shop items symbolizing an "equipped/active" status is now using the light blue hue that "equipped/active" items and boosters were using already.
    • The "drab green" hue that was used as a highlight color has been replaced with a "golden sand" hue which had also been used in some shop items' descriptions already.

Other Changes
  • Color patterns are now sorted in alphabetical order in the hangar's configurations tab.

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed that color patterns could not be purchased in the shop because they were shown as "completed", when they had in fact not been completed.
  • Fixed an incorrect Graviton drawer tooltip in the bottom-edge HUD.
  • Fixed that it was possible to lose ores in Conquest when one's ship was destroyed after the Conquest battle had already ended.
  • Fixed an issue with the new external link warning window that would break URLs containing the character #. These links now open correctly, even though the # character is not being displayed in the external link window.
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