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2022 Xmas + Extra Item Sales


Splitscreen Studios
May 28, 2013
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Back to Back Xmas & Item Sales!

This year, all the offers in our Christmas sale will be available for the full runtime of the event.
BUT: Following the event, a second sale will take part, offering items for your newly-purchased spaceships!

Xmas Sale Throughout the Event (Dec 15 ‒ Jan 1 2023*)

Item Sale Following the Event (Jan 2 ‒ 8 2023*)
  • Mizar Manticore Lightning Chain
  • Sol Shatterer Lightning Chain
  • Draconis Discharge Lightning Chain
  • Sirius Ancient (Regular/Rapid/Strong) Lightning Chain
  • Mizar Matter Quantum Leap
  • Sol Stunt Quantum Leap
  • Draconis Doppler Quantum Leap
  • Sirius Ancient (Regular/Rapid/Long) Quantum Leap
  • Mizar Molasses Magnet Trap
  • Sol Syrup Magnet Trap
  • Draconis Doom Magnet Trap
  • Sirius Ancient (Regular/Rapid/Strong) Magnet Trap
  • Mizar Mindstorm Corruption Cloud
  • Sol Shroud Corruption Cloud
  • Draconis Derange Corruption Cloud
  • Sirius Ancient (Regular/Long/Strong) Corruption Cloud
  • Mizar Mantle Deflection Droid
  • Sol Shell Deflection Droid
  • Draconis Diverge Deflection Droid
  • Sirius Ancient (Regular/Long/Strong) Deflection Droid
* Askone, Korell, Trantor, Aurora, Kalgan: CET | Solaria, Gaia, Aeria: EST