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"How to?" Guide on YT - Ideas for episodes


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Sep 14, 2010
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Hello everyone. As far as you might know, I am making several videos and streans focused on Pirate Galaxy game. I have different series there such like Pirates' Voice, Bloody Warfare or 'How to?'. And here I am to ask you here the important question.

What exactly topic you might like to see on the channel in connection with the guide to the game? What is the mechanic you might not know and you would like to understand it better? Do you have any area in the game's knowledge that is unknown for you?

Please, give me your ideas for the guide episodes so that I might give you some interesting content to watch and, maybe, explore by myself!

How the guide series look like?:
1. The videos are as short as possible, only to give the player specific explanations and practical informations (the longest video -- 6m28s)
2. Story missions are mostly not shown but might be exception, if the mission is hard to complete (keep in mind that the longest video is actually the one with the story mission!)
3. More complex mechanic or topic = more informations to provide = better video quality

List of episodes with names of topics:
  1. Behemoth Battle
  2. Harvester
  3. Unwelcome Guest
  4. Avoiding problems with GMs
  5. The Commander Unit
  6. Grinding for the first Prototype ship
  7. Merry Christmas Pirates!
  8. Spawn & Kill - Ancient Soris
  9. Boosters for your gameplay
  10. Step to success - good configuration
  11. The Conquest
  12. Earth (in unrest)
  13. Catch him if you can
  14. Little Bunny Hunt
  15. Free Alloys and better Cryonite grind (sequel to Ep. 6)
  16. Battle of the best - Conquest Update (sequel to Ep. 11)

I can't wait for some nice ideas coming here (if any :D )